Cloud Computing Important Questions Answers

What are the basic characteristics of Cloud Computing?

Answer: The basic four characteristics of cloud computing are: Scalability and elasticity – Increase or decrease services on demand Self-service provisioning – Help yourself in major problematic scenarios without waiting for the response of your provider Pay-per-usage billing model – Pay for what you use Standardized interfaces – Interfaces applicable to all major models

What are some of the main features of SaaS services?

Answer: Some important features are as follows: Accessing and managing software Serve several clients at a given time Centralizing all activities in a Web environment Centralize the updating feature of software

What is Scalability, in the context of Cloud Computing?

Answer: Scalability is the provision of expanding or reducing the extent of services you require, depending on the situation. This means that if you require more of a service, you only have to ask your service provider and he will provide you with that additional service for an additional charge. 

What are five major problems associated with Cloud Computing?

Answer: Users don’t actually ‘own’ the data, service provider does. Excessive dependability on the service provider. Data disaster recovery can be a major concern. There are many problems associated with data migration if you change your service provider. 

What type of applications can run in the Cloud?

Answer: Technically speaking, all applications can be run by a cloud but it is always a good idea not to put system dedicated applications(that run on minimum latency) on the cloud. Good examples include Windows default Disk Defragmentation Tool. 

What are the major concerns related to the privacy and security of data in the Cloud?

Answer: Some big concerns include: Secure transfer of your data – No external attacks while transfer of data from/to the cloud. Location of your data – Geographical location of data. Control of your data – Who has access to your data?

How would you define a Cluster?

Answer: Cluster is defined as a large group of computers that merge their capabilities and work as one. This aggregating of computational power is also called clustering of services. Each cluster is then referred to a single node in computing terms.

What is a Data Centre?

Answer: A data center can be thought of as a collection of servers whichhosts applications and storage space. Physically, a data center canbe a big room full of servers that can be accessed from anywherein the world via the internet.

What are the biggest concerns with a Mobile Cloud Client?

Answer: The two biggest concerns for a Mobile client are: Security of data Speed of data transmission 

What are the advantages of using the public Internet forCloud computing?

Answer: This model has the following advantages: There is a large audience for this model. It is highly fault tolerant. HTTPS-encrypted access provides privacy. Many provider options are available. It is cost-effective.

What are the disadvantages of using public Internet forCloud Computing?

Answer: Lack of end-to-end QOS (quality of service) Service-level agreements (SLAs) are difficult to reach Latency problems are widespread Downtime is out of your control.