Cloud Computing Important Questions Unit Wise

What are the two main types of Hypervisors?

Answer: There are two types of hypervisors: Bare metal Hypervisor – runs directly on hardware. Virtualized Hypervisors – run on a virtualized platform. 

What different Internet connection methods can a user use,to connect to a Cloud?

Answer: Basic public internet Accelerated internet Optimized overlay Site-to-site VPN

What is a Cloud Storm?

Answer: A Cloud Storm occurs when multiple cloud computing environments are attached collectively. A Cloud Storm can also be regarded as a Cloud Network.

What factors determine the amount of bandwidth required by a Cloud?

Answer: The Internet bandwidth between the cloud and your organization The round-trip time between the cloud and your organization The actual response time of the cloud

What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric connections, between a service provider and a user?

Answer: When connecting to the cloud, it is important to determine if your connection type is symmetric or asymmetric. In a symmetric connection, sending and receiving data rate is the same. In an asymmetric connection, upload speed to the cloud is usually slower than the download speed.