Cloud Computing Important Questions And Answers

What are the devices you can use to access a Cloud?

Answer: Service providers may offer access to their cloud via Laptops, tablets, smart phones and desktops. Now, some of the cloud service providers are offering their services via thin clients and the Chrome-book.

What are the different deployment models with Cloud Computing?

Answer: Different deployment models of cloud computing include: Public Cloud – Standard cloud computing model. Community Cloud – Infrastructure shared between several organizations. Hybrid Cloud – Composed of multiple clouds bound together to provide services. Private Cloud – Clouds intended for a single organization only.

What was one of the first Cloud services on offer?

Answer: Internet-based email accounts have been utilized since the emergence and popularization of the internet. Internet-based email accounts are another cloud service that is offered. One of the pioneers includes Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN. This way Internet- based email can be regarded as one of the first cloud service because you have a fully functioning email account hosted on an external server.

What are a few concerns for a typical Cloud Storage service?

Answer: Some of the potential concerns shared by users when going for a cloud storage service include: Security of stored data. Availability and reliability of offered service. Transfer speeds and general performance.

What does a typical Cloud Computing service comprise of?

Answer: A cloud computing service can be thought of as consisting of three pyramid layers. These layers are: Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Platform Cloud Application

How do you define the term ‘Cloud’?

Answer: A cloud is a blend of hardware, storage, networks, interfaces and services that aid in delivering computing as a service. A cloud consists of three users: end user, cloud service provider and business management user.