Define Internet - Characteristic & Components of Internet


A global network that connects million of computers together, known as the internet. 

Internet is the vast inter connection of computers across the world. 

The Internet is the fastest way of retrieving information 

It also called a network of networks in which users at any one computer can, get information from any other computer if they have permission.

Some Simply fied description of the internet are alarge computer network or network of networks an instantenios and globle messaging system. 

World Wide Web 

The WWW is known as the World Wide Web , is a store house of information .It is a collection of several documents called web pages, which are interlinked with each other Web pages is achieved using Hypertexts. 

Hypertext connects on one web page to another web page. 

Hypertexts are the highlighted or underline text on the web page. 


It was conceived by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. government in 1969 and was first known as the ARPANET. The original aim was to create a network that would allow users of a research computer at one university to be able to "talk to" research computers at other universities. 

Characterstic of Internet :- 

1. A complax network 

2. disorgranized 

3. decentralized 

4. composed of billians of file 

5. widly used 

6. international in escope 

7. dinemic changing

Browsers :- 

A web browsers is a program you use to view pages on navigate the world wide web browsers are some time reffered to us web clint or other fancy name currently the most popular browsers for the WWW , netscape , navigator,Internet explorer . 


MOSAIC was the first color full graphical browser and is the instruction mental in marking the web as popular as it today mosaic was development ncsa at the university of illinoise windows mosaic are in various operating system like maintash and UNIX . 


You are limited to using text only browsers such as LYNX it is use only UNIX. 

Microsoft Internet Explorar – 

Microsoft Internet Explorar called explorer is the largest use browsers in the world explorer runs in windows 9x on the world . 

Netscape – 

Netscape navigater also known as netscape is available for windows macintosh and for many different versons fo UNIX in running the x windows system .and the avility to handle plugin for more new and interesting features at to be developed. 

Domain name – 

most organization use domen name that are easy to remember each domen name and with an identify that tell you that type of website it is current domen name identify . 

. com - commercial business 

. edu - educational instruction 

. gov - government intities 

FTP – 

One of the most popular uses of the internet is to download files . The is transfer file from a computer on the internet to your computer thousands of files are download every day on the internet most of these files are download usilng the intenet FPT commenly reffered to as FTP this protocol can also be used to upload files from your computer to another computer on the internet .


Hyper Text Transport Protocol HTTP protocol it used to managed the links betbeen one hyper text document and another HTTP is the machanish that open the relected the document twhen the select the hyper the text no mater where that document reside on the web. 

Web page Web site – 

 A web page is subset or a complete or a web site web site can congest only of all hundred of web page web is glover information system that ground of a internet 500 milions special formatted document noon as web page an inbisilble place analog to the web page .

Dynamic Page – 

Document that use programming and data base to creat intrict contest is noon as dynamic page . Status page – hard copy based document that provide no means of instruction betbeen information and reader is know as statics page . 

XML – 

Extensible Markup Language each second web language links most device phemano most of use get a with picture but all fuzzy XML is information because it is beb page made language with emblication be on the browser XML is specific data organized language. 


Hyper Text Markup Language which runs on a computer that has as web browsers instaline in it has colction all style that define the browse the component of www document.