Computer Software - Type of Computer Software


 A PC is incapable of performing any task with the hardware alone. It requires instruction to function as desired. Like data, instruction are entered by the input devices like keyboard, mouse etc. 

A set of instruction doing a specific task is called a program. 

A set of program written to achieve a common objective is called software. 

Software is a language of computer. Like a human language, there are many different languages. Computer software can be divided into three groups based on their use and application. These are – system software, application software and programming languages.

Software can categorize into two types 

  • Application software 
  • System software 
    • Utility software

Application software

Software which are designed for specific purpose such as pay calculation and inventory control etc. is noon as application Software 

Application software is software that design for a specific application. Example – software for billing system, accounting software or software that enables the creation and storage of documents. 

General application software are database management system (DBMS), spreadsheets (Microsoft excel) and word processors (Microsoft word). Using DBMS software a user can maintain large volume of data that can be modified, updated.

System software 

A set of one or more program designed to control the operation of computer system is called system software.

Besides the application software there is a another software called system software. System software is the operating system. This is very important for the working of the PC. 

Example – windows 98, windows 95, windows XP ,Solaris, Linux, Unix, Vista etc. 

When a user wants to store any data or program, the data or the program is stored at a location that is known only to the operating system. Therefore, the operating system performs the task of storage management.

Utility software 

Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. 

  • Antivirus scan for computer viruses. 
  • Nero (CD write software) 
  • Disk checkers can scan operating hard drive. 
  • Backup utilities can make a copy of all information stored on a disk 
  • Data compression utilities output a shorter stream or a smaller file 
  • Disk cleaners can find files that are unnecessary to computer operation 

Types of System Software: 

Assembler :- Assembler is a program which translate on assembly language program in to machine language is called assembler . 

Loader – loader is a program that loads machine codes of a program in to the system memory . 

Compiler – compiler is a program which translate a high level language program in to machine language is called a compiler . A compiler is more intelligent than assembler. 

Linker – A linker is a program that links smaller program to form a single program. 

Operating system – An integrated set of programs used ot manage various resourece and over all operation of a computer system is noon as operating system . 

Interprater – An interpreter is a program which translate statement of a high level language program in to machine codes . it translate one state ment of the program at a time . A compiler is faster than interpreter 5 to 25 time.


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