Definitions of Server & Type of Server

Definitions of Server  

A computer or application, that provides a service to client software on other computers. Servers are used for web hosting and other web applications 

A high end computer with specific software that allows other computers to use its facilities for connection to data drives, email, printers, Internet or other service. 

 A computer or device on a network that manages network resources. For example, a file server is a computer and storage device dedicated to storing files. Any user on the network can store files on the server.

Types of Server

Web server

A web server servers web pages to klindels occur the internet are internet The web server host the page screpec program and multifile and subs them using HTTP A protocol designed send files to web browsers. 

Clint server 

To be a through client server development both clint of server must share in the buisiness for example a data bus server process request from the client to look up data all up data it inks data bus in this is client server the search at its end to response to the qure recived from a client it is not acting at the removed disk driver it is fully part sefice in the trangection to illestrued this conset .

Mail server 

 A mail transper a jented all MTA mail server all mail exchanger in the contentst of the domen name system is the computer program are software agent that transfer e mail massage from one computer to another computer. 

File Server 

Stores Network users data file. 

Print Server 

Manage the printer that are connected to the network and the printing of user document on the network Printers . 

Communication server 

Handles many common communication function for the network such as Email fax or internet services .

Application Server 

Shares network enable versions of common application software and eliminates the need for software to be installed on each work station . 

Database server 

Manages a common data base for the network handling all data storage data base manage ment and request for data .

Proxy server 

A proxy server that provides access to files from other servers by retrieving than either from its local or the remote server proxy refer to a person or agency who has authority to act for another taken literally does that mean a proxy server acts in place of another server proxy is a computer system or router that brakes the connection between sender an receiver . functioning as a relay between client and server proxy servers are used to help prevent attacked from invading the private network . proxy is are one of several tools used to build a fire ball. 

Features of proxy server 

1. address translation and checking application level and circuit level. 

2. filter request. 

3. improve performance. 

 4. load distribution.


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