Define Simple Storage Service (S3)?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a scalable object storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables users to store and retrieve large amounts of data from anywhere on the internet, and it can be used to store and retrieve any type of data, such as images, videos, databases, documents, and more. S3 is designed to provide high durability, availability, and scalability for data storage.

S3 is organized as a flat hierarchy of buckets, where each bucket is a container for objects. Objects can be accessed using unique URLs or through APIs provided by AWS. S3 supports multiple storage classes that allow users to choose the appropriate level of durability, availability, and cost for their data. It also provides features such as versioning, access control, encryption, and lifecycle management.

Overall, S3 is a highly scalable and reliable storage solution that can be used for a variety of applications, such as backup and recovery, content distribution, archiving, and more.