What are the distinguishing features of tablet computers?

A tablet PC, tablet personal computer, tablet computer, tablet, or tablet is just a laptop or is characterized by a lack of keyboard and uses a multitouch touchscreen or main notebook,. which is a device to interact with the user, you can use fingers or a stylus Thus a tablet PC is basically a laptop contained entirely on a touch screen, keyboard and mouse lacking. It can be considered a device halfway between a notebook (laptop or notebook) and a smartphone (smartphone).


The tablet PC boom occurred during the year 2010 and has its origin in the launch of the Apple iPad, whose popularity has prompted other manufacturers eager to experience the same success have launched numerous devices of the same segment. However, tablet PCs have been around for years. However, in his first appearances these devices did not get public acceptance for their usability problems, excessive weight and lack of specific software for this format.


The tablet PC most common are those of 7 and 10 inches. Depending on the intended use of the device to opt for either larger or smaller. Both screen sizes allow reading an eBook, but 7 inches are more easily transportable and with 10 inches more functions can be developed 

Operating System

The tablets PC carry specific operating systems for this type of device, having several to choose from.

Windows: Microsoft developed for this segment Windows XP Tablet PC, already built into Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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