Explain The Differences Between SSI, MSI, LSI, And VLSI.

Small Scale Integration (SSI)

  • Normally it has about 20 components.
  • The Minuteman missile and Apollo program needed lightweight digital computers for their initially-guided flight comnputers.
  • The Apollo guidance computer led and motivated the integrated-circuit technology, while the Minuteman missile forced it into mass-production

Medium Scale Integration (MSI)

  • it can have about 00 components.
  • Medium Scale Integration came in to industry in late 1969s:
  • MSI is the next step in the development of integrated circuits after Small Scale Integration'
  • Medium-Scale Integration allowed more complex systems to be produced using smaller circuit boards than in SSI (Small Scale Integration).

Large Scale integration (GSI)

  • It have about 4000 components. 
  • LSI is the process of integrating or embedding thousands of transistors on single silicon semiconductor microchip. LSI technology was conceived in mid-1970s when computer processor microchips were under development

What is VLSI?

-"Very Large Scale Integration

-Defines integration level

-19808 hold-over from outdated taxonomy for integration levels

Obviously influenced from frequency bands, i.e. HF, VHF, UHF

-Sources disagree an what is measured (gates or transistors?)

SS1-Smal-Scale Integration (0-102)

MSI-Medium-Scale Integration (102-103)

LSI-Large-Scale Integration (103-105))

LSI-Very Large-Scale Integration (105 107)

ULSI-Ultra Large-Scale Integration (>= 107)

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