What is a Database | Define Database - DBMS

Introduction to Database

The word database made up of two words. Data and base. A database is collection of interrelated data. That database contains all the data needed by the organization, as a result a huge volume of data that needed for long term storage and excess the data by large number of users. 


  • Data is raw fact or figures or entity. 
  • When activities in the organization takes place, the effect of these activities need to be recorded which is known as Data. 


  • Processed data is called information 
  • The purpose of data processing is to generate the information required for carrying out the business activities. 


Employee details of an organization like employee number, employee name, salary, date of joining etc… can be called as data base.


Database is a collection of related data. Database management system is software designed to assist the maintenance and utilization of large scale collection of data. DBMS came into existence in 1960 by Charles. Integrated data store which is also called as the first general purpose DBMS. Again in 1960 IBM brought IMS-Information management system. In 1970 Edgor Codd at IBM came with new database called RDBMS. In 1980 then came SQL Architecture- Structure Query Language. In 1980 to 1990 there were advances in DBMS e.g. DB2, ORACLE.

Define Database?

A Database is a collection of related data organised in a way that data can be easily accessed, managed and updated. Database can be software based or hardware based, with one sole purpose, storing data.

Database is also called as “DBMS”. 

DBMS means “Data Base Management System”. 

The father of RDBMS is “Edgar F Codd”. 

Database is software or a program used to store a huge amount of data and to retrieve the data from the database. 


  • Database may be defined in simple terms as a collection of data 
  • A database is a collection of related data. 
  • The database can be of any size and of varying complexity. 
  • A database may be generated and maintained manually or it may be computerized.


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