What are ERP modules? Explain.

ERP software is made up of many ERP modules. Each ERP module corresponds to a major area of an organization. Some common ERP modules includes module for finance, manufacturing, production planning, sales and distribution order tracking etc. 

What are ERP modules? Explain.

a. Financial module- 

For all kind of organizations small scale or large scale organizations benefit from the implementation of ERP finance module. The financial module is the heart of many ERP software systems. It can collect financial data from various functional departments and generated valuable financial reports such as balance sheet and quarterly financial statements.

b. ERP HR module- 

Human resources is another widely applied ERP module. ERP HR module schedules the management of human resources and human capabilities. HR module maintain a complete database of employees including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance, evaluation and promotion of all employees etc. 

c. ERP Production Planning Module/ERP Production Module

Production planning module contains the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data. Production planning helps an organization plan production with optimum utilization of all available resources. 

d. ERP purchasing module: 

ERP purchasing module schedules the required raw materials. It automates the list of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier and the billing processes. Purchasing module is built upon inventory control and production planning modules.

f. ERP inventory module- 

ERP inventory module support processes of maintaining the appropriate level of in a warehouse. It involves 

  • Identifying inventory requirements 
  • Setting targets 
  • Providing replenishment techniques 
  • Monitoring item usages 
  • Reconciling the inventory balance 
  • Reporting inventory balances 
  • Reporting inventory status. 

g. ERP sales and marketing module: 

ERP sales module implements functions or order placement, shipping and invoice order scheduling. Sales module is integrated with organizations ecommerce websites. 

Activities of sales and marketing module 

  1. Handle pre-sales activities of the organization. 
  2. Complete stock to dock tracking of sales 
  3. Order processing cycle. 
  4. Target setting for executives 
  5. Order amendment history 
  6. Over scheduling over a period of time and tracking delivery schedule.

h. Plant and Machine Maintenance Module: 

The plant and machine maintenance module in ERP provides a combined solution for supporting the operational needs of an enterprise wide system. ERP plant and machine maintenance module support various options for structuring technical system with objects, type, function related views. 

i. Quality Management Module: 

Quality management module allows the quality department of define its own quality test cases required at different stages of production, beginning from quality check which is required during the purchasing of raw materials. 

j. Tasks of Quality management module

  • Quality inspection 
  • Quality control 
  • Quality planning 

k. Material management module

Material management module supports the process of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. 

It comes under the activities of inventory control it includes

  • Inventory requirements 
  • Setting targets 
  • Providing replenishment Techniques 
  • Monitoring item usages 
  • Reconciling the inventory balances and inventory status.


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