Explain concept of E-governance - ERP


E-governance is also seen as a multi-dimensional concept, ant IT driven methodology that improves efficiency in administration, brings about transparency and leads to the reduction of costs in running the government. E-governance facilitates the delivery of government services to the masses through procedural simplicity, speed and convenience. 

E-governance is a form of e-business in governance comprising of processes and structures involved in deliverance of electronic services to the public. It also involves collaborating with business partners of the government by conducting electronic transactions with them. E-governance means application of electronic means in the interaction between: 

    1. Government 

    2. Government and business 

    3. Internal government operation 

The aim, ultimately, is to simplify and improve governance and enable people‟s participation in governance through mail, and internet. Conduction interactions with the general public and business using such IT tools as : 

    1. E-mail 

    2. Internet websites publishing 

    3. WAP application and publishing 

    4. SMS connectivity 

    5. Intranet development and usage 

    6. Promotion of citizen access. 

Objectives of E-Governance 

E-governance solutions are oriented towards helping government organizations transform into enterprise infrastructure-based end-to-end digital governments that: 

    1. Build services around citizen‟s choice 

    2. Make government more accessible 

    3. Facilitate social inclusion 

    4. Provide information responsibly 

    5. Use government resources effectively. 

    6. Reduce government spending. 

    7. Delivering online services. 

    8. Involve citizens in the governing process. 

Need of E-Governance 

    1. To improve quality of governance products and services being currently provided. 

    2. To provide new governance products and services. 

    3. To enhance participation of people in choice and provision of governance products and services. 

    4. To bring new sections of society under the governance sphere . 

Model of E-Governance : 

A country is made of government and people. A good E-governance model provides a platform where various communities and special interest groups represent themselves. It provides an easy way for individuals to find the groups and communities of interest to them. E-governance is a transaction process from conventional to people-oriented proactive electronic system. This is a big change in the mindset of people. Putting it in a positive way, it is not a change but a transition. All communities of people should be attracted towards the system. To accept this transition process, the communities need to be trained and educated. 

Domain of E-Governance : 

There are three main domains of e-governance: 

    1. Improving the government process 

    2. Connecting citizens 

    3. Building interactions with and within civil society. 


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