ERP - Critical Success And Failure Factors for Implementation

ERP implementation includes people departments, processes and organization. 

ERP system also face high stress, long hours, uncertainty. 

Critical success factors:- 

    1. Strong leadership provided by an executive management planning committee. 

    2. Great implementation teams. 

    3. Mid-level management. 

    4. Brilliant project management techniques 

    5. The old systems. 

    6. Measurements are implemented and closely monitored. 

    7. Implementation schedule is established. 

    8. Change management techniques. 

    9. Education and training. 

Failure factors:- 

    1. Poor leadership from top management 

    2. Existing redundant or non-value added. 

    3. Unrealistic expectations. 

    4. Poor project management 

    5. Inadequate education and training. 

    6. Trying to maintain the status quo. 

    7. A bad match. 8. Inaccurate data 

    9. ERP implementation is viewed as an I.T. project. 

    10. Significant technical difficulties.


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"success and failure factors of ERP implementation"

"success and failure factors of ERP implementation"