SERVER VIRTUALIZATION - Parallel Processing, Vector Processing


  • Virtualization is a method of running multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer.
  • This approach maximizes the return on investment for the computer.
  • Virtualization technology is a way of reducing the majority of hardware acquisition and maintenance costs, which can result in significant savings for any company.
    • Parallel Processing
    • Vector Processing
    • Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems
    • Massively Parallel Processing Systems

Parallel Processing

  • Parallel processing is performed by the simultaneous execution of program instructions that have been allocated across multiple processors.
  • Objective: running a progran in less time.
  • The next advancement in parallel processing-multiprogramming
  • In a multiprogramming system, multiple programs submitted by users but each allowed to use the processor for a short time.
  • This approach is known as "round-robin scheduling”(RR scheduling)

Vector Processing

  • Vector processing was developed to increase processing performance by operating in a multitasking manner.
  • Matrix operations were added to computers to perform arithmetic operations.
  • This was valuable in certain types of applications in which data occurred in the form of vectors or matrices.
  • In applications with less well-formed data, vector processing was less valuable.

Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems

  • Symmetric multiprocessing systems (SMP) was developed to address the problem of resource management in master/slave models.
  • In SMP systems, each processor is equally capable and responsible for managing the workflow as it passes through the system.
  • The primary goal is to achieve sequential consistency

Massively Parallel Processing Systems

  • In Massively Parallel Processing Systems, a computer system with many independent arithmetic units, which run in parallel.
  • All the processing elements are interconnected to act as one very large computer.
  • Early examples of MPP systems were the Distributed ArrayProcessor, the Goodyear MPP, the Connection Machine, and the Ultracomputer
  • MPP machines are not easy to program, but for certain applications, such as data mining, they are the best solution