Elements Of Graphics Workstation In Computer Graphics


Elements Of Graphics Workstation In Computer Graphics

Elements Of Graphics Workstation In Computer Graphics

Graphics workstations have a number of graphics applications. They can support painting, 3D modeling and animation, and compositing.

These tasks are performed by a system composed of the following components:

1) Purpose-built or standard workstation that acts as the central processing unit and whose processing power depends on the demands of the graphics system of which it is a part.

2) Specially developed a software solution that allows the designer to create a number of different graphics.

3) Memory in which all the raw visual materials and finished graphics are stored.

4) User interface in the form of a tablet with a light pen, mouse, and keyboard.

5) Graphics monitor (a large high-resolution computer screen).

6) Video monitor on which all final results must be checked.

Graphics workstations can be specialized for just one sort of graphics creation but also can offer a whole palette of graphics possibilities.

The span of graphics possibilities and the complexity of graphics interventions are determined by specialized software.

The software can be limited to the creation of titles and inscriptions and to a reduced amount of coloring and manipulation of alphanumeric characters or it can offer an extremely large palette of graphics tools that can be used to create stunning stills or even animated sequences. Therefore, a graphics workstation can be programmed to perform only one class of visual effects, such as painting, and to offer at the same time. options such as time-warping effects (artificially changing the speed of a shot) or morphing (creating a transition between two images by matching the morphology of the objects in these two images e.g., the effect of a surreal transformation of a human face into a beast’s face).

The graphics monitor and workstation provide a flexible, easy-to-configure operator space.

For example, DeltaV Four.