Computer Organization And Architecture MCQ With Answers

 Computer Organization And Architecture MCQ

1.       _________ is a command given to a computer to perform a specified operation on some given data:

a.       An instruction

b.       Command

c.       Code   

d.       None of these

2.       An instruction is guided by       to perform work according:

a.       PC  

b.       ALU

c.       Both a and b    

d.      CPU

3.       Two important fields of an instruction are:

a.       Opcode

b.       Operand

c.       Only a 

d.      Both a & b

4.       Each operation has its    ___ opcode:

a.       Unique

b.       Two

c.       Three

d.       Four

5.       which are of these examples of Intel 8086 opcodes:

a.       MOV

b.       ADD   

c.       SUB

d.      All of these

6.       _______ is a symbolic representation of discrete elements of information:

a.       Data

b.      Code

c.       Address

d.       Control

7.       Group of binary bits (0&1) is known as:

a.       Binary code

b.       Digit code

c.       Symbolic representation

d.       None of these

8.       A group of 4 binary bits is called:

a.       Nibble

b.       Byte

c.       Decimal

d.       Digit

9.       BCD uses binary number system to specify decimal numbers:

a.       1-10

b.       1-9

c.       0-9

d.       0-10

10.   The ______ are assigned according to the position occupied by digits:

a.       Volume

b.      Weight

c.       Mass

d.       All of these

11.   A code in which the total number of 1s in a valid (n+1)bit code word is odd and this code is called an ______ :

a.       Error detecting code

b.       Even parity code

c.       Odd parity code

d.       None of these

12.   a code is simply a subset of the vertices of the ______:

a.       n bit    

b.      n cube

c.       n single

d.       n double

13.   Which method is used to detect double errors and pinpoint erroneous bits:

a.       Even parity method

b.       Odd parity method

c.       Check sum method

d.       All of these

14.   A code that is used to correct error is called an _______:

a.       Error detecting code

b.      Error correcting code

c.       Both

d.       None of these

15.   A received _______ with a bit error will be closer to the originally transmitted code word than to any other code word:

a.       Code word

b.      Non code word

c.       Decoding

d.       All of these

16.   It contains the ______ stack for PC storage  during  subroutine   calls   and  input/output interrupt services:

a.       Seven- level hardware

b.      Eight- level hardware

c.       One- level hardware

d.       Three- level hardware

17.   Which unit works as an interface between the processor and all the memories on chip or off- chip:

a.       Timing unit

b.       Control unit

c.       Memory control unit

d.       All of these

18.   The maximum clock frequency is ______:

a.       45 MHZ

b.      50 MHZ

c.       52 MHZ

d.       68 MHZ

19.   _______ is given an instruction in machine language this instruction is fetched from the memory by the CPU to execute:

a.       ALU

b.      CPU

c.       MU

d.       All of these

20.   Which cycle refers to the time period during which one instruction is fetched and executed by the CPU:

a.       Fetch cycle

b.      Instruction cycle

c.       Decode cycle

d.       Execute cycle

21.   ______ with which computers perform is way beyond human capabilities:

a.       Speed

b.       Accuracy

c.       Storage

d.       Versatility

22.   ______ of a computer is consistently:

a.       Speed

b.      Accuracy

c.       Storage

d.       Versatility

23.   GIGO stand for:

a.       Garbage-in-garbage-out

b.       Garbage-in garbage-occur

c.       Both    

d.       None of these

24.   How many basic operations of versatility:

a.     5

b.       6 

c.    4

d.       7

25.   Which are the operation of versatility:

a.       exchange of information with the outside world via I/O device

b.       Transfer of data internally with in the central processing unit

c.       Performs of the basic arithmetic operations

d.      All of these


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