Computer Architecture And Organization MCQs PART - 8

Computer Organization MCQs

1. The front panel display provides lights as green LED represent _________ and red LED represent _________ for device programmer who writes input/output basic:

    a. Busy and Error

    b. Error and Busy

    c. Busy and Busy

    d. Error and Error

2. The input data for processing uses the standard input device which by default is a _________ :

    a. Mouse

    b. Scanner

    c. Keyboard

    d. Monitor

3. The processed data is sent for output to standard _________ device which by default is computer screen:

    a. Input

    b. Output

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

4. Each instruction is executed by set of micro operations termed as:

    a. Micro instructions

    b. Mini instructions

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

5. For each micro operation the control unit generates set of __________ signals:

    a. Control

    b. Address

    c. Data

    d. None of these

6. Sequence of microinstructions is termed as micro program or __________ :

    a. Hardware

    b. Software

    c. Firmware

    d. None of these

7. The micro program is an _________ written in microcode and stored in firmware which is also referred as ___________ :

    a. Interpreter and control memory

    b. Translator and control store

    c. Translator and control memory

    d. Interpreter and Translator

8. Compared to hardware, firmware is ___________ to design micro programmed organization:

    a. Difficult

    b. Easier

    c. Both a& b

    d. None of these

9. Compared to software, firmware is _________ to write:

    a. Easier

    b. Difficult

    c. Mediator

    d. Optimum

10. __________ program converts machine instructions into control signals:

    a. Control memory program

    b. Control store program

    c. Both a & b

    d. Only memory

11. who coined the term micro program in 1951:

    a. T.V. Wilkes

    b. M.V. Wilkes

    c. S.V. Wilkes

    d. D.V. Wilkes

12. what is full form of EDSAC:

    a. Electronic delay source accumulator calculator

    b. Electronic delay storage automatic code

    c. Electronic destination source automatic calculator

    d. Electronic delay storage automatic calculator

13. Who led to development of read –only magnetic core matrix for use in control unit  of small computer at IBM’s laboratory:

    a. John Fairclough’s

    b. Johny fairclough

    c. Mr. Redcliff

    d. M.V. Wilkes

14. From1961-1964 John fairclough’s research played an important role to pursue full range of compatible computers as system:

    a. System/360

    b. System/460

    c. System/560

    d. System/780

15. Each microinstructions  cycle  is  made of 2 parts:

    a. Fetch

    b. Execute

    c. Code

    d. Both a & b

16. One of use of microprogramming to implement __________ of processor in Intel 80x86 and Motorola 680x0 processors whose instruction set are evolved from 360 original:

    a. Control structure

    b. Without control

    c. Control unit

    d. Only control

17. The function of these microinstructions is to issue the micro orders to __________ :

    a. CPU

    b. Memory

    c. Register

    d. Accumulator

18. Micro-orders generate the __________ address of operand and execute instruction and prepare for fetching next instruction from the main memory:

    a. Physical

    b. Effective

    c. Logical

    d. all of above

19. Which of the following 2 task are performed to execute an instruction by MCU:

    a. Microinstruction execution

    b. Microinstruction sequencing

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

20. What is the purpose of microinstruction executions:

    a. Generate a control signal

    b. Generate a control signal to compile

    c. Generate a control signal to execute

    d. All of these

21. Which microinstruction provide next instruction from control memory:

    a. Microinstruction execution

    b. Microinstruction Buffer

    c. Microinstruction decoder

    d. Microinstruction Sequencing

22. Which are the following components of microprogramed units to implement control process:

    a. Instruction register

    b. Microinstruction address generation

    c. Control store microprogram memory

    d. Microinstruction Buffer

    e. Microinstruction decoder

    f. All of these

23. Microcodes are stored as firmware in __________ :

    a. Memory chips

    b. Registers

    c. accumulators

    d. none of these

24. A control memory is __________ stored in some area of memory:

    a. Control instruction

    b. Memory instruction

    c. Register instruction

    d. None of these

25. A computer having writable control memory is known as __________ :

    a. Static micro programmable

    b. Dynamic micro programmable

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

26. The control memory contains a set of words where each word is:

    a. Microinstruction

    b. Program

    c. Sets

    d. All of these

27. During program execution content of main memory undergo changes and, but control memory has __________ microprogram:

    a. Static

    b. Dynamic

    c. Compile time

    d. Fixed

28. What happens if computer is started :

    a. It executes “CPU” microprogram which is sequence of microinstructions stored in ROM

    b. It executes “code” microprogram which is sequence of microinstructions stored in ROM

    c. It executes “boot” microprogram which is sequence of microinstructions stored in ROM

    d. It executes “strap loader” microprogram which is sequence of microinstructions stored in ROM

29. Control  memory  is part of __________ that has addressable storage registers and used as temporary storage for data:

    a. ROM

    b. RAM

    c. CPU

    d. Memory

30. How many modes the address in control memory are divided:

    a. 2

    b. 3

    c. 5

    d. 7

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