Cloud Computing - Opportunities and Challenges, Pros, Cons

Cloud Computing - Opportunities and Challenges

  • It enables services to be used without any understanding of their infrastructure.
  • Cloud computing works using economies of scale
  • It potentially lowers the outlay expense for start-up companies, as they would no longer need to buy their own software or servers.
  • Cost would be by on-demand pricing.
  • Vendors and Service providers claim costs by establishing an ongoing revenue stream.
  • Data and services are stored remotely but accessible from “anywhere”

Cloud Computing – Pros

  • Lower computer costs
  • Instant software updates:
    • When the application is web-based, updates happen automatically
  • Improved document format compatibility
  • e capacity:
    • Cloud computing offers virtually limitless storage
    • Increased data reliability:

Cloud Computing – Cons

  • Need for the Internet :
    • A dead Internet connection means no work and in areas where Internet connections are few or inherently unreliable, this could be a deal-breaker.
    • Requires a constant Internet connection
  • Can be slow:
    • Even with a fast connection, web-based applications can sometimes be slower than accessing a similar software program on your desktop PC.
  • Disparate Protocols :
    • Each cloud system uses different protocols and different APIs – Standards yet to evolve.