Use of XML - Extensible Markup Language (XML)


Use of XML

Use of XML 

1) XML can Separate Data from HTML 

    i) Store data in separate XML files 

    ii) Using HTML for layout and display 

    iii) Using Data Islands 

    iv) Data Islands can be bound to HTML elements 

    Benefits: Changes in the underlying data will not require any changes to your HTML 

2) XML is used to Exchange Data 

    i) Text format 

    ii) Software-independent, hardware-independent 

    iii) Exchange data between incompatible systems, given that they agree on the same tag definition. 

    iv) Can be read by many different types of applications 


    i) Reduce the complexity of interpreting data 

    ii) Easier to expand and upgrade a system 

3) XML can be used to Store Data 

    i) Plain text file 

    ii) Store data in files or databases 

    iii) Application can be written to store and retrieve information from the store 

    iv) Other clients and applications can access your XML files as data sources 

Benefit: Accessible to more applications