Questions For Advance DBMS


Questions For Advance DBMS

Very Short Answer Type Questions :

  1. Define spatial database management. 
  2. What are web-based systems 
  3. Give the concept of multimedia database. 
  4. What are mobile databases? 
  5. Define the deductive databases. 
  6. Give the concept of information retrieval. 
  7. What are the web search engines? 8) Define XML. 

Short Answer Type Questions :

  1. Write down the features of spatial databases. 
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of web based database systems? 
  3. List the issues that can occur in multimedia databases. 
  4. What is the need for the mobile database? 
  5. Discuss declarative programing. 
  6. What are the performance measures? 
  7. Explain briefly the XML schema. 
  8. What is the use of the XML? 

Long Answer Type Questions :

  1. What are the implementation considerations of recursive queries? Also discuss about the datalog and implementation of datalog queries. 
  2. Explain how recursive queries are evaluated? 
  3. What are the various types of models used for the information retrieval? Explain each. 
  4. How indexing is done for the text search? Explain. 
  5. What the XML data models? Explain each. 
  6. Draw and explain the structure of an XML document. 
  7. Explain about the DTD. 
  8. What are XQueries? What are their capabilities? Why are these used? Explain using suitable example. 
  9. Discuss about the XML database and various other related databases. 
  10. How an XML Query can be evaluated efficiently? Explain.