Object-Oriented Languages


object-oriented programming language (also called an OO languages one that allows or encourages, to some degree, object-oriented Programming techniques such as encapsulation, inheritance, modularity and polymorphism.

Simula is generally accepted as the first language to have the primary features of an object-oriented Ianguage. It was created for making simulation programs. in which what came to be called objects Were the most important information representation.

Languages called "pure" 00 languages. because everything in them is treated consistently as an object. from primitives such characters and punctuation, all the way up to whole classes. prototypes. blocks. 'nodules. etc. They were designed specifically to facilitate. even enforce, 00 methods. For example, Smalltalk. Eiffel. Ruby.

Languages designed mainly for OO programming, but with some procedural elements. For example, C++, Java, Python.

Languages that are historically procedural languages, but have been extended with some 00 features. For example, FORTRAN 2003, Perl, COBOL 2002.