Disadvantages of Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS)


Difficult to Maintain :

In the real World. the data model not static. It changes as organizational information needs changes and as missing information is Identified. Consequently, the definition of objects must be changed periodically and existing database migrating to conform to the new object definitions. Programmers also need to modify the behavioural code associated with each object.

Not Suited for all Application:

Object-oriented database systems are not suited for all applications. If it is used in situations where it is not required, then it will result in performance degradation and high processing requirements.

Lack of Universal data model :

There is no university agreed data model for OODBMS, and Most models lack a theoretical foundation.

Lack of support for security :

Currently, OODBMS do not provide adequate security mechanisms. The user cannot grant access rights on individual objects or classes.


    Disadvantages of object-oriented database

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