Advantages of Object-Oriented Database (OODBMS)


Capable to Handle Many Different Types of Data Types :

An object-oriented database can store any type of data including text, numbers, pictures, voice and video.

Combination of Object-Oriented Programming and Database Technology :

The object-oriented database technology combines object-oriented programming with database technology to provide an integrated application development system. There are many advantages of including the definition of operations with the definition of data:

  • First, the defined operations apply ubiquitously and are not dependent on the particular database application running at the moment.
  • Second, the data types can be extended to support complex data such as multimedia by defining new object classes that have operation to support the new kinds of Information.

Improves Productivity :

Inheritance allows programmers, to develop solution to complex problems incrementally by defining new objects in term of previously defined objects. Polymorphism and dynamic binding allow programmers to define operations for one objects and then to s are the specification of the operation with other object. These objects can further extend this operation to provide behaviours that are unique to those objects.

Dynamic binding determines at runtime, the operations of which is actually executed, depending on the class of the object requested to perform the operation.

Data Access :

Object-oriented database represent relationship explicitly, supporting both navigational associative access to information.


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