Write Short Notes On Following: (a) Bullet And Number (b) Text Style (c) Facility To Chock Spelling And Grammar

(a) Bullet and Number: Bullet and number formatting are commonly used in word processing to help readers quickly identify and follow a list of items. Bullets are often used to highlight separate points, while numbers are used to show steps in a process or sequence. Both bullet and number formatting options are available in most word processing software and are easy to apply and customize.

(b) Text Style: Text style refers to the appearance and formatting of text within a document. Common text styles include bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough. Text styles are used to draw attention to specific words or phrases, emphasize important points, or provide visual structure to the document. Most word processing software offers a range of text styles that can be applied to any part of the document.

(c) Facility to check spelling and grammar: Most word processing software includes a built-in spell check and grammar check feature. These tools allow users to quickly identify and correct any errors or mistakes in their writing. Spell check tools typically highlight misspelled words and offer suggestions for corrections. Grammar check tools are more advanced and can identify issues with sentence structure, punctuation, and more. These features are essential for ensuring that documents are error-free and professional-looking.