What Is Slide? What Types Of Slide Layout?

A slide is a page within a presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, that contains information such as text, images, graphics, and multimedia elements. Slides are used to deliver a presentation and to communicate information to an audience.

In presentation software, a slide is typically created using a specific slide layout. A slide layout is a pre-designed template that determines the position and size of content placeholders on a slide. The types of slide layouts available in presentation software can vary depending on the software, but some common layouts include:

  1. Title Slide: A slide that usually contains the title of the presentation and the name of the presenter.

  2. Title and Content Slide: A slide that contains a title and one or more content placeholders, such as text, images, or charts.

  3. Two Content Slide: A slide that contains two content placeholders, such as two images or two sets of text.

  4. Comparison Slide: A slide that contains two or more content placeholders that are designed to compare or contrast two or more items.

  5. Picture with Caption Slide: A slide that contains a large image and a smaller text box for a caption or description.

  6. Blank Slide: A slide that contains no content or placeholders and is useful for adding custom content.

These slide layouts provide a starting point for creating presentation slides and can help to ensure consistency and readability across a presentation.