In Which Topology The Nodes Are Connected In Hierarchical Order?

The topology in which nodes are connected in a hierarchical order is called a 'tree topology' or 'hierarchical topology'. In this type of topology, nodes are arranged in a tree-like structure with a single root node at the top, and branches of nodes extending down from the root to the leaves at the bottom. Each node in the tree has a parent node above it, and may have one or more child nodes below it. This topology is commonly used in large-scale networks such as corporate networks, where a central server or switch is used to manage and distribute resources to multiple departments or workgroups. The tree topology can provide a high level of scalability and flexibility, allowing additional nodes to be easily added or removed from the network as needed. However, it can also be more complex and difficult to manage than other types of topologies, and may require specialized hardware and software to support the hierarchical structure.