How Many Type Of Plotter? Give Names.

There are two main types of plotters:

  1. Drum Plotters: These plotters use a drum-shaped surface on which the paper is placed. The drum rotates and moves the paper back and forth while pens of different colors draw lines on the paper.

  2. Flatbed Plotters: These plotters have a flat surface on which the paper is placed. The pens move back and forth on a gantry above the paper, drawing lines on it. Flatbed plotters are more commonly used today than drum plotters.

There are also different types of plotters based on their specific applications, such as:

  1. Pen Plotters: These plotters use pens to draw lines on the paper. They can draw curves and other complex shapes with great accuracy.

  2. Electrostatic Plotters: These plotters use electrostatic charges to transfer toner or ink onto the paper. They are commonly used for printing large images and posters.

  3. Inkjet Plotters: These plotters use inkjet technology to create high-quality color prints. They are commonly used in the printing industry for creating large banners and posters.

  4. Cutting Plotters: These plotters are used for cutting materials such as vinyl, paper, and cardboard. They are commonly used in the sign-making industry to create vinyl decals and other graphics.

Overall, plotters are specialized output devices used for creating large-format prints and designs. They are commonly used in engineering, architecture, and other fields where large-scale drawings and designs are required.