Give Examples Of Input Unit.

Input units are the parts of a system that receive information from the external world and convert it into signals that can be processed by the system. Here are some examples of input units in various contexts:

  1. Keyboard: A keyboard is an input unit for a computer system. When you type on the keys, the keyboard sends signals to the computer, which processes them and displays the corresponding characters on the screen.

  2. Microphone: A microphone is an input unit for an audio system. When you speak into a microphone, it converts the sound waves into electrical signals that can be amplified, recorded, or transmitted.

  3. Camera: A camera is an input unit for a visual system. It captures images or video and converts them into digital signals that can be displayed on a screen, stored on a storage device, or processed by software.

  4. Sensor: A sensor is an input unit for a control system. It detects changes in the environment, such as temperature, pressure, or motion, and sends signals to the system to trigger appropriate actions.

  5. Barcode scanner: A barcode scanner is an input unit for a retail system. It reads the barcode on a product and sends the product code to the system, which retrieves the product information from a database and displays it on a screen or prints it on a receipt.