Cloud Computing Viva Questions And Answers

How does cloud computing provides on-demand functionality?

Cloud computing is a metaphor used for internet. It provides on-demand access tovirtualized IT resources that can be shared by others or subscribed by you. Itprovides an easy way to provide configurable resources by taking it from a sharedpool. The pool consists of networks, servers, storage, applications and services.

What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?

Scalability is a characteristic of cloud computing through which increasing workload can be handled by increasing in proportion the amount of resource capacity. It allows the architecture to provide on demand resources if the requirement is being raised by the traffic. Whereas, elasticity is being one of the characteristic provide the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of large amount of resource capacity dynamically. It is measured by the speed by which the resources are coming on demand and the usage of the resources.

What are the different layers of cloud computing?

Cloud computing consists of 3 layers in the hierarchy and these are as follows:1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides cloud infrastructure in terms ofhardware like memory, processor speed etc.2. Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides cloud application platform for thedevelopers.3. Software as a Service (SaaS) provides cloud applications which are used by theuser directly without installing anything on the system. The application remains onthe cloud and it can be saved and edited in there only.

What resources are provided by infrastructure as a service?

Infrastructure as a Service provides physical and virtual resources that are used tobuild a cloud. Infrastructure deals with the complexities of maintaining anddeploying of the services provided by this layer. The infrastructure here is theservers, storage and other hardware systems.

How important is platform as a service?

Platform as a Service is an important layer in cloud architecture. It is built on the infrastructure model, which provides resources like computers, storage and network. This layer includes organizing and operate the resources provided by the below layer. It is also responsible to provide complete virtualization of the infrastructure layer to make it look like a single server and keep it hidden from the outside world. 

What does software as a service provide?

Software as Service is another layer of cloud computing, which provides cloudapplications like google is doing, it is providing google docs for the user to savetheir documents on the cloud and create as well. It provides the applications to becreated on fly without adding or installing any extra software component. It providesbuilt in software to create wide varieties of applications and documents and share itwith other people online.