Cloud Computing Questions Bank

Name few platforms which are used for large scale cloud computing?

There are many platforms available for cloud computing but to model the largescale distributed computing the platforms are as follows:

1. MapReduce: is software that is being built by Google to support distributed computing. It is a framework that works on large set of data. It utilizes the cloud resources and distributes the data to several other computers known as clusters. It has the capability to deal with both structured and non-structured data.

2. Apache Hadoop: is an open source distributed computing platform. It is beingwritten in Java. It creates a pool of computer each with hadoop file system. It thenclusters the data elements and applies the hash algorithms that are similar. Then itcreates copy of the files that already exist.

What are some examples of large cloud providers and their databases?

Cloud computing has many providers and it is supported on the large scale. The providers with their databases are as follows: 

Google big table: it is a hybrid cloud that consists of a big table that is spilt into tables and rows. MapReduce is used for modifying and generating the data. Amazon Simple DB: is a webservice that is used for indexing and querying the data. It allows the storing, processing and creating query on the data set within the cloud platform. It has a system that automatically indexes the data. 

Cloud based SQL: is introduced by Microsoft and it is based on SQL database. it provides data storage by the usage of relational model in the cloud. The data can be accessed from the cloud using the client application.