Cloud Computing Important Questions With Answers

What are the advantages of using cloud computing?

The advantages of using cloud computing are.

  • Data backup and storage of data
  • Powerful server capabilities
  • SaaS (Software as a service)
  • Information technology sandboxing capabilities
  • Increase in productivity
  • Cost effective & Time saving

Mention platforms which are used for large scale cloud computing?

The platforms that are used for large scale cloud computing are

  • Apache Hadoop
  • MapReduce 

Explain different models for deployment in cloud computing?

The different deployment models in cloud computing are

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

What is the difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?

Mobile computing uses the same concept as cloud computing. Cloud computing becomes active withthe data with the help of internet rather than individual device. It provides users with the data whichthey have to retrieve on demand. In mobile, the applications runs on the remote server and givesuser the access for storage and manage.

How user can gain from utility computing?

Utility computing allows the user to pay only for what they are using. It is a plug-in managed by anorganization which decides what type of services has to be deployed from the cloud.

Most organizations prefer hybrid strategy.

For a transport in cloud how you can secure your data?

To secure your data while transporting them from one place to another, check that there is no leakwith the encryption key implemented with the data you are sending.

What are the security aspects provided with cloud?

  1. Identity management: It authorizes the application services
  2. Access control: permission has to be provided to the users so that they can control the access ofanother user who is entering into the cloud environment.
  3. Authentication and Authorization: Allows only the authorized and authenticated user only toaccess the data and applications

List out different layers which define cloud architecture?

The different layers used by cloud architecture are

  • CLC or Cloud Controller
  • Walrus
  • Cluster Controller
  • SC or Storage Controller
  • NC or Node Controller

What are system integrators in Cloud Computing? 

In Cloud Computing, systems integrator provides the strategy of the complicated process used to design a cloud platform. Integrator allows to create more accurate hybrid and private cloud network, as integrators have all the knowledge about the datacenter creation.