What makes Watson so different from traditional computers?

This means Watson...

  • Operates at 80 tera lops. The human bran is essmated to have a processing power of 100 teafopps (100 wrilion operaions persecond)
  • Has the equvalent in memory (RAM) hat the Lbary of Congress adds in bodks and media aver a4 marth period
  • Can proof ss 200 million times more instructions per second than he Space Shiue's computers
  • Pases within 3 seconds the equivalent of the number of books an a 700 yad lang book sheaf...and pick aur the relevant information and create an answer.

IBM Watson is..

A reasoning system that processes questions and answers in Natural Language, across structured and unstructured data sources, using De ep Analytics that leans for optimal results

IBM Watson is not....

An advanced search eng ine, database etrieval system new computer ovef ord, or the beginning of Skynet

IBM Watson works by...

Analysing the question. generating hypotheses, evaluating evidence and presenting results scomd by confidence level

Which means that...

Society now has a new tool to help tackie some of the biggest information challe nges in heal thcare, tinan cial services, etc