What Is Meant By An “Open Architecture”?

What is Meant by "Open"?

Traditionally "open systems" implied that:

.Every component implements only publicly defined standards created by open processes

Some Problems

Is TCP/IP Open?     (Produced by the government)

Is Linux Open?      (Not compliant to POsIX or other standards)

Is CORBA Open?      (Produced by a consortium)

Is Windows Open?       (Owned by a single corporation)

A Practical Definition

An Open system is one whose infrastructure is  Widely accepted, Responsive to user needs, Is unlikely to be changed capriciously, Is not exorbitantly expensive.

Open Architecture

An Open Architecture is:

  • Implementable using an open infrastructure
  • Developed using an open methodolgy
  • Described by an open notation
  • Predictably successful meeting requirements using open predictive techniques
  • For Real-Time Systems
  • An open architecture must be predictably capable of meeting application time constraints

Levels of Real Time Performance


. (quantitative indications) may or may not be repeatable

Repeatable Measured

. Measuring the temperature 3 days DOES NOT help tomorrow

Statistically Predictable Architecture

. Statistical - average response and related standard deviation

Analytically Guaranteed bounded latency

. Maximum duration between an event and its associated response


. Knowledge of every state of a system over time

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