How does the fetch-decode-execute cycle work?

Fetch decode & execute cycle

There are three main parts to this process:


  • Retrieves the instruction that is required to be used


  • The instructions is interpreted and broken down into it's constituent parts (eg opcode/ operand)


  • The instruction is performed and carried out.


The fetch execute cycle is the time period of which the computer reads and processes the instructions from the memory and executes them. This process is a continuous cycle which is used until the computer is turned off or there are no more instructions to process.

Fetch Execute Cycle

The Control Unit

Control Unit- Manages four basic operations (Fetch Execute Cycle)

  • Fetch-Gets next program instruction from the computer's memory
  • Decode-Figure out what the program is telling the computer to do
  • Execute-Perform the requested action 
  • Store the results to a register or to memory

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