Python: Types of Variables

Python supports 2 types of variables.

  1. Global Variables
  2. Local Variables

1. Global Variables

The variables which are declared outside of a function are called global variables.

These variables can be accessed in all functions of that module.


1) a=10 # global variable 
2) def f1(): 
3) print(a) 
5) def f2(): 
6) print(a) 
8) f1() 
9) f2() 
11) Output 
12) 10 
13) 10

2. Local Variables:

The variables which are declared inside a function are called local variables.

Local variables are available only for the function in which we declared it. i.e from outside 

of a function, we cannot access.


1) def f1(): 
2) a=10 
3) print(a) # valid 
5) def f2(): 
6) print(a) #invalid 
8) f1() 
9) f2() 
11) NameError: name 'a' is not defined 

global keyword:

We can use the global keywords for the following 2 purposes:

  1. To declare a global variable inside a function
  2. To make a global variable available to the function so that we can perform required modifications

Eg 1:

1) a=10 
2) def f1(): 
3) a=777 
4) print(a) 
6) def f2(): 
7) print(a) 
9) f1() 
10) f2() 
12) Output
13) 777 
14) 10 

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