Python: Reserved Words

In Python some words are reserved to represent some meaning or functionality. Such type of words are called Reserved words. 

There are 33 reserved words available in Python. 

  • True, False, None 
  • and, or ,not, is 
  • if, elif, else 
  • while, for, break, continue, return, in, yield 
  • try, except, finally, raise, assert 
  • import, from, as, class, def, pass, global, nonlocal, lambda, del, with 


1. All Reserved words in Python contain only alphabet symbols. 

2. Except the following 3 reserved words, all contain only lower case alphabet symbols. 

  • True 
  • False 
  • None

Eg: a= true X 

a=True √ 

>>> import keyword 

>>> keyword.kwlist 

['False', 'None', 'True', 'and', 'as', 'assert', 'break', 'class', 'continue', 'def', 'del', 'elif', 'else', 'except', 'finally', 'for', 'from', 'global', 'if', 'import', 'in', 'is', 'lambda', 'nonlocal', 'not', 'or', 'pass', 'raise', 'return', 'try', 'while', 'with', 'yield'] 

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