Python Programming Fundamentals


Python is a general purpose high level programming language. 

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossam in 1989 while working at National Research Institute at Netherlands.

But officially Python was made available to public in 1991. The official Date of Birth for Python is : Feb 20th 1991. 

Python is recommended as first programming language for beginners. 

Eg1: To print Helloworld: 


public class HelloWorld 
    p s v main(String[] args) 
        SOP("Hello world"); 


 void main() 
     print("Hello world"); 


print("Hello World") 

The name Python was selected from the TV Show 

"The Complete Monty Python's Circus", 

which was broadcasted in BBC from 1969 to 1974. 

Guido developed Python language by taking almost all programming features from different languages 

  1. Functional Programming Features from C 
  2. Object Oriented Programming Features from C++ 
  3. Scripting Language Features from Perl and Shell Script 
  4. Modular Programming Features from Modula-3 

Most of syntax in Python Derived from C and ABC languages. 

Where we can use Python: 

We can use everywhere. The most common important application areas are 

  1. For developing Desktop Applications 
  2. For developing web Applications 
  3. For developing database Applications 
  4. For Network Programming 
  5. For developing games 
  6. For Data Analysis Applications 
  7. For Machine Learning 
  8. For developing Artificial Intelligence Applications 
  9. For IOT 


Internally Google and Youtube use Python coding 

NASA and Nework Stock Exchange Applications developed by Python. 

Top Software companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo using Python. 


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