Main Method in C# (C Sharp)

C# applications have an entry point called Main Method. It is the first method which gets invoked whenever an application started and it is present in every C# executable file. The application may be Console Application or Windows Application. The most common entry point of a C# program is static void Main() or static void Main(String [ ]args). 

Different Declaration of Main() Method 

Below are the valid declarations of Main Method in a C# program: 

With command line arguments: This can accept n number of array type parameters during the runtime. 


using System; 

class GFG 

// Main Method 

static public void Main(String[] args) 

Console.WriteLine("Main Method"); 

Meaning of the Main Syntax:

static: It means Main Method can be called without an object. 

public: It is access modifiers which means the compiler can execute this from anywhere. 

void: The Main method doesn’t return anything. 

Main(): It is the configured name of the Main method. 

String []args: For accepting the zero-indexed command line arguments. args is the user-defined name. So you can change it by a valid identifer. [] must come before the args otherwise compiler will give errors. 

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