Features of C# (C Sharp) | C# (C Sharp) Features

Features of C# (C Sharp)

  • Simplicity - All the Syntax of java is like C++. There is no pre-processor and much larger library. C# code does not require header files. All code is written inline. 
  • Consistent Behaviour - C# introduced a unified type system which eliminates the problem of varying ranges of integer types. All types are treated as objects and developers can extend the type system simply and easily. 
  • Modern Programming Language - C# supports number of modem features, such as: 
  1. Automatic Garbage Collection 
  2. Error handling features 
  3. Modern debugging features 
  4. Robust Security features 
  • Pure Object-Oriented Programming Language - In C#, everything is an object. There are no more global functions, variable and constants. It supports all three object oriented features: 
  1. Encapsulation 
  2. Inheritance 
  3. Polymorphism 
  • Type Safety - Type safety promotes robust programming. Some examples of type safety are: 
  1. All objects and arrays are initialized by zero dynamically 
  2. An error message will be produced, on use of any uninitialized variable 
  3. Automatic checking of array (out of bound and etc.) 
  • Feature of Versioning - Making new versions of software module work with the existing applications is known as versioning. It’s achieve by the keywords new and override. 
  • Compatible with other Language - C# enforces the .NET common language specifications (CLS) and therefore allows interoperation with other .NET language 

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