C# (C Sharp) - Methods

C# (C Sharp) - Methods

A method is a group of statements that together perform a task. Every C# program has at least one class with a method named Main. 

To use a method, you need to − 

  • Define the method 
  • Call the method 

Defining Methods in C# - When you define a method, you basically declare the elements of its structure. The syntax for defining a method in C# is as follows −  

<Access Specifier > <Return Type> <Method Name> >(Parameter List) 

Method Body 

Calling Methods in C# 

You can call a method using the name of the method. The following example illustrates this − Live Demo 

using System; 

namespace CalculatorApplication 

class NumberManipulator 

public int FindMax(int num1, int num2) 

/* local variable declaration */ 

int result; 

if (num1 > num2) 

result = num1; 


result = num2; 

return result; 

static void Main(string[] args) 

/* local variable definition */ 

int a = 100; 

int b = 200; 

int ret; 

NumberManipulator n = new NumberManipulator(); 

//calling the FindMax method 

ret = n.FindMax(a, b); 

Console.WriteLine("Max value is : {0}", ret ); 


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