What is ERP? Describe its needs.

What is an Enterprise? 

An enterprise is a group of people with a common goal, which has certain resources at its disposal to achieve this goal. In traditional approach , the organization is divided into different nits based on the functions they perform. These departments function in isolation and have their own systems of data collection and analysis. In enterprise way the entire organization is considered a system and all departments are its sub system, each sub system knows what others are doing , why they are doing and what should be done to move the company towards common goal. If the information that is generated is accurate, timely and relevant, then the systems will go a long way in helping the organization to realize its goals

What is ERP?

ERP is the short form of Enterprise Resource Planning. In an organization there are many important processes such as customer order fulfilment and manufacturing etc. 

ERP uses ERP software applications to automate or advance the performance of an organization. ERP System

ERP integrates the information system of an organization and automates most of the functions. The activities supported by ERP system include all core functions of an organization, including financial management, human resource management, and operations. Increasingly, ERP vendors are offering “bolt-on” products , such as business Intelligence (BI), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS),Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management etc

ERP software designed to automate and integrated major/important business process of a company. ERP system tries to integrate all data and process of an organization. ERP software perform multiple tasks which integrate different process like functional, department, product planning, part purchasing, inventory control, product circulation to order tracking. 

What is ERP

Why ERP ? 

Today having an ERP is not a luxury, but a necessity. Having a properly implemented ERP system and a fully trained workforce that knows how to use system in best possible way is a must for survival in this brutally competitive world. Caution: Selecting an ERP System that is best suited for the organization and implementing and operating it in most efficient manner is a very difficult task and chances of failure are very high


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