Levels of DBMS Architecture Diagram - DBMS

The database has 3 levels as shown in the diagram below 

    1. Physical/Internal 

    2. Conceptual 

    3. External 

Levels of DBMS Architecture Diagram

Consider an Example of a University Database. At the different levels this is how the implementation will look like: 

Type of Schema Implementation
External Schema  View 1: Course info(cid:int,cname:string)
View 2: studeninfo(id:int.name:string)
Conceptual Shema  Students(id: int, name: string, login: string , age: integer)
Courses(id: int, cname.string, credits:integer)
Enrolled(id: int, grade:string)
Physical Schema 
  • Relations stored as unordered files.
  • Index on the first column of Students.


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