Characteristics of Database Management System

A database management system has following characteristics:

1. Data stored into Tables: Data is never directly stored into the database. Data is stored into tables, created inside the database. DBMS also allows to have relationships between tables which makes the data more meaningful and connected. You can easily understand what type of data is stored where by looking at all the tables created in a database. 

2. Reduced Redundancy: In the modern world hard drives are very cheap, but earlier when hard drives were too expensive, unnecessary repetition of data in database was a big problem. But DBMS follows Normalisation which divides the data in such a way that repetition is minimum. 

3. Data Consistency: On Live data, i.e. data that is being continuosly updated and added, maintaining the consistency of data can become a challenge. But DBMS handles it all by itself. 

4. Support Multiple user and Concurrent Access: DBMS allows multiple users to work on it(update, insert, delete data) at the same time and still manages to maintain the data consistency. 

5. Query Language: DBMS provides users with a simple Query language, using which data can be easily fetched, inserted, deleted and updated in a database. 

6. Security: The DBMS also takes care of the security of data, protecting the data from un-authorised access. In a typical DBMS, we can create user accounts with different access permissions, using which we can easily secure our data by restricting user access. 

7. DBMS supports transactions, which allows us to better handle and manage data integrity in real world applications where multi-threading is extensively used.

Characteristics of DBMS 

  • To incorporate the requirements of the organization, system should be designed for easy maintenance. 
  • Information systems should allow interactive access to data to obtain new information without writing fresh programs. 
  • System should be designed to co-relate different data to meet new requirements. 
  • An independent central repository, which gives information and meaning of available data is required. 
  • Integrated database will help in understanding the inter-relationships between data stored in different applications.
  • The stored data should be made available for access by different users simultaneously. 
  • Automatic recovery feature has to be provided to overcome the problems with processing system failure. 


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