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OOP offers several benefits to both the program designer and the user. The principal advantages are. 

i) Through inheritance, we can eliminate redundant code and extend the use of existing classes 

ii) We can build program from the standard working module that communicate with one another, rather than having to start writing the code from scratch. This leads to saving of development time and higher productivity. 

iii) The principal of data hiding helps the programmer to build secure programs that cannot be invaded by code in other part of the program. 

iv) It is possible to have multiple instance of an object to co-exist without any interference 

v) It is easy to partition the work in a project, based on objects. 

vi) Object oriented systems can be easily upgraded from small to large systems. 

vii) Message passing techniques for communication between objects makes the interface description with external systems much simpler. 

viii) Software complexity can be easily managed.


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