Parts of Microsoft Excel- 2007 - with Function & Formula

What is MS-EXCEL & describe different Parts of MS-Excel window - 2007 with diagram?

  • Microsoft excel is an Application software. 
  • Microsoft excel is known as spreadsheet program. 
  • Microsoft excel is a collection of Rows and Columns. 
  • A spreadsheet is a program that manipulates number and string data in Rows and Columns. 
  • Benefits – the main advantages of using a spreadsheet program is that it enables you to perform simple row and column arithmetic.

  • Excel is a collection of rows and columns. 
  • Rows – are referenced by the row number. 
    • ( 1:1 is the reference to the first row ) 
  • Columns - are referenced by the column name. 
    • (A:A is the reference to the first column ) 
  • You can enter data in excel in the cell. 
  • Cell - A cell is an intersection of rows and columns 
  • In a cell you can enter various types of data. Ex- Numerical and Character 
  • A cell is represented by the combination of a column and row name. 
  • Ex - A1 is the first cell (Column A and Row 1) 


  • A work sheet contains rows and columns of cell. 
  • A numbers of worksheet is called a workbook. It is the file in which you work and store data in Excel. As a workbook contains a number of worksheets. 

Title Bar 

  • Title Bar is the bar which display the name of the current document 
  • Default name is Book1 
  • Extension name of MS-Excel is .xlsx 

Features of Microsoft Excel 

Linking Worksheet 

Linking Worksheets enable you to work on a number of worksheets at a time. 

A large number of Rows and Columns 

 A single Excel worksheet contains 65,536 rows and 256 columns. A single cell in excel can contain 32,767 characters. 


Charts enables you to graphical representation data in a worksheet. 

AutoCorrect and Spell Check 

Automatically corrects common typing and spelling and grammatically errors. 

Conditional Formatting 

Apply condition in a specific cell or range of cell. 

How to open Microsoft Excel -2007 

Start -> Programs -> Microsoft office ->  Microsoft Excel 



If the values are placed in the from A1 to B3 

1.The total is 

= sum(Range of the cell) 

= sum(A1:B3) (It display the result = 180 ) 

2. The maximum value 

=maximum(Range of the cell) 

=maximum(A1:B3) (It display the result = 50 ) 

3. The minimum value 

=minimum(Range of the cell) 

=minimum(A1:B3) (It display the result = 15 ) 

4. The Average value 

= Average (Range of the cell) 

= Average (A1:A3) (It display the result = 20 ) 

5. Show the date. 

=Today() (It display the Current date in this format 8/4/2014 ) 

6. Show both date & Time 

=Now() (It display the Current date in this format 8/4/2014 15:55) 


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