Generations of Computer & Computer Languages

Generation of computer talk is step in technology it provide a Farmwork for the growth of computer industry. 

First Generation :- 

Time duration :- 1942 to 1955 

Technology :- Vaccume tubes used in first generation 

Computer comes in first generation :- IBM-650 , ENIAC , UNIAC 

 Advantage and Disadvantage :- 

1. Slow operating speed and restructed computing capability. 

2. High power consumption and short life. 

3. Large space requirement. 

4. Limited computing capability. 

 5. AC required.

Second Generation :- 

Time duration :- 1955 to 1964 

Technology :- The transistor were used in second generation. 

Computer comes in second generation :- IBM-1401 , Honey well – 200 

Advantage and Disadvantage :- 

1. The transistor was smalled to Vaccume tubes. 

2. Wider commercial use. 

3. More Relaible. 

4. Commercial production was difficult and costly. 

5. AC required . 

6. Less heat generated. 

Third Generation :- 

Time duration :- 1964 to 1975 

Technology :- The computer that were designed with use of ICs. 

Computer comes in Third Generation :- IBM-360 , CDC-1700 , ICL-2903 

Advantage of disadvantage :- 

1. IC was used in replace of Transistor.

2. Portable. 

3. commercial Production was eaiser and cheeper. 

4. AC Required in many cases. 

5. Not working continue in hours. 

6. Use of operating system . 

7. less heat generated.

Fourth Generation :- 

Time duration :- 1975 to198 

Technology :- VLSI A fourth generation computer has vlsi chips as its brain it is the LSI technology which let to the development of very small but more power full. 

Computer comes in fourth generation :- Intel 4004 , apple I II IBM 

Advantage and disadvantage :- 

1. Totly general purpose. 

2. Very reliable. 

3. Not AC required in most cases. 

4. Much faster than previous generation. 

5. data storage capacity. 

Fifth generation :- 

The fifth generation computer a promise but not at reality they aim to bring as machine with genuine iq ability to reason logically it process the voice recognition and image processing jobs very fast this kind of information still under development. 

Time duration :- 1984 to on world 

Technology :- ULSI used in fifth generation. 

Computer comes in fifth generation:- Intel – notebook ,laptop, Pentium pc sun workstation , param 10000 

Advantage and disadvantage :- 

1. Portable pcs are much more smaller then the pcs of 4th generation. 

2. several times more powerfull then the pcs of 4th generation. 

3. They consume much less power 

4. many of the large scale system of generation have hot pluggable features. 

5. They have faster and large primary and secondry storage as compaired to 4th generation. 


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