Email - How Email works, Type of Email protocol

“ Email is a method of sending messages voice , video and graphics over digital communication link such as the internet any where in the work at very cost effective rates technically email is a type of clint server application that provides a routed stored messages service between any two email account .”

How Email works on the Internet 

Email is the most heavily used features of the internet you can use it to send messages two any one who is connected to the internet or connected to a computer network . That has a connection to the internet such as online services email messages are sent in the same way as most internet data . The TCP Protocol break your messages in to packets the IP protocol delivery the packets to the proper location and then TCP resembles the messages on the receiving end so that it can be read .

Email protocol 

You want to send a message to a user running a different messaging program some translation may be necessary because of the complicity involve in having many different system send and receive message in many different formats email protocols have become necessary . 

Types of Email Protocols 

Some of these protocols discussed in the following . 

1. X.400 2. SMTP 3. UUCP 4. IMAP.4 5. MIME 

An email message is made up of binary data usually in the ASCII text format ASCII is standard that enable any computer regardless of its system or hard ware to read the text ASCII code describes the character you see on your computer screen .

There are five section of email messages 

 (1) Email address (2) Header (3) Body (4) Signature (5) attachment 


by the term protocol we mean the set of rules or standard designed to enable computers to get connected with one another and than exchange information with as little errors as possible the internet protocol are is a low level protocol that route packets off data across spread network tied to gather by routes to form the internet or intranet . data troubles in packets called IP data grams .


TCPIP is a protocol stack designed to connect to a different network on which the internet is based TCPIP can work with any hardware or operating system TCPIP is just share hand notation for a full protocol are set of protocol that have standard ways of interacting with each other. 


TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) – Insure that connection are made and mentioned between computer . 

IP ( Internet Protocol ) – Handle software computer address .

ART ( Address Resolution Protocol ) – Relates to IP address with hardware mac address . 

OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First ) – That increase its speed and reliability . 

RIP ( Routing Information Protocol ) – Finds the quickest rout between two computer. 

ICMP ( Internet Control Message Protocol ) – Internet control message protocol handle error And send error message . 

BGP/EGP ( Border Gateway Protocol /Exterior Gateway Protocol ) – Handle how data is passed gateway between network . 

SNMP ( Simple Network Management Protocol ) – Simple network management protocol allow network administrator to connect and manage network device. 

PPP ( Point to Point Protocol ) - PPP provides for dialup networked connection to network ppp is commonly used by internet service provider to allow customers to connect to there services .

SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol )- SMTP how email si passed betbeen server on a TCPIP network . 

POP3/IMAP.4 (Post Office Protocol 3/Internet Message Addressing Protocol 4) – Both setup ways for client to connect to server and collect email .

Internet layer Protocol – Internet layer protocol is used for routingh and providing single network interface to the upper layer routing is a comlax and important and it is the job of the internet layer fto carry It out the various protocols at the internet clear all . 

  • IP 
  • ARP 
  • RARP – Result Address Resoulution Protocol . 
  • ICMP – Boot P - Boot Programs . 
Network Architecture – network architecture refers to physical layout of the computer connection and the logical method of there communication the first parts is known as topology or physical connection the second part is protocol these are individually discussed . 
The network architecture can be one of the following – 
  1. Ethernet 
  2. FDDI 
  3. ATM 
  4. Token Ring -