Data processing Concept, Stages - Definition

Data processing Concept

  • The cycle of activities performed by a computer is referred to as the Input- Process-Output cycle or the I-P-O cycle 
  • A computer consists of several components 
  • Each component participates in either one of the input, process, or Output phases

Data – A computer usually accepts input in the form of data. Data is the raw material. Data refers to numerical (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0), alphabetical (A,B,C,D ……Z) and special characters (e.g., @,#,$,%,^,&,!). A set of numbers could be examples of data. OR

Data is a word of Latin used to describe a collection of natural phenomena like numbers, characters, images or symbols, in a very broad sense. 

Information – Information is the finished product (manipulation of raw facts). Information refers to data in particular context, which helps us understand facts. Example- +91(011) 2555-1212 is a telephone no. of a directory. It includes country code 91, an area code 011, a telephone exchange 2555 and a number within the exchange 1212.


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