Classification of Computer Programming Language

Language Classification

Language is a means of communication. Normally people interact with each other through communication. 

On the same pattern, communication with computers is carried out through a language. 

The language is understood both by the user and the machine. Normally every language has its grammatical rules; similarly every computer language is bound by rules known as the SYNTAX of the language. 

A computer language is the means of communication used to communicates betbeen people and computer. 

Programming language 

A programming language is an artificial language that can be used to write programs which control the behavior of a machine, particularly a computer. 

Programming languages are defined by rules which describe their structure and meaning respectively. 

Many programming languages have some form of written specification of their syntax. 

There are two level of language. 

1. High level programming language 

2. Low-level programming language

High-level programming language 

These languages are normal, English like. Easy to understand statements to pass instruction to the computer. 

The languages are problem oriented. It offers: 

  • Readability 
  • Easy Debugging 
  • Portability 
  • Easy software Development 


Advantage and disadvantage :- 

1. machine independent . 

2. easy to learn and use. 

3. few errors . 

4. lower efficiency . 

5. Lack of flexibility. 

Low-level programming language

Low-level programming languages are sometimes divided into two categories: 

1. Machine Language 

2.Assembly Language

Machine language 

This is the only language understood directly by the computer. It the language of 0’ and 1’ i.e . Binary number. It is machine dependent. It is difficult to learn and write program in.

The set of instruction codes whether in a binary or in decimal notation which can be directly under stood by the computer with out the help of a translator is called a machine language or machine code.

Advantage and disadvantage :- 

1. program writeen in machine language are excute very fast by the computer . 

2. machine dependent . 

3. difficult to program . 

4. error prone . 

5. difficult to modify.

Assembly Language

It is uses only letters and symbols. Programming is simpler and less time consuming than machine language programming. It is easy to locate and correct errors in Assembly language. 

It is also machine dependent. Programmer must have knowledge of the machine on which the program will run. 

An assembler is a program that translates an assembly language program into a machine language program. 

A program written in mnemonics is noon as assembly language.” A program can be eaisly written in alpha numeric symbols instead of 0 and 1 meaning full and eaisly remembrable symbols are selected for this purpose . 

Ex. ADD – Addition , SUB – Substraction Such symbols are noon as mnemonics . 

Advantage and disadvantage :- 

1. An assembly language program runs faster to produde the desired result. 

2. programming is difficult time consuming. 

3. one computer to can not be used any other computer.


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