VIRTUALIZATION, Advantages & Disadvantages - Cloud Computing


  • Virtualization is a technique, which allows sharing a single physical instance of an application or resource among multiple organizations or tenants (customers).
  • Virtualization is a proven technology that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time.
  • Virtualization is the process of creating a logical(virtual) version of a server operating system, a storage device, or network services.
  • The technology that works behind virtualization is known as a virtual machine monitor(VM), or virtual manager which separates compute environments from the actual physical infrastructure.
  • Virtualization -- the abstraction of computer resources.
  • Virtualization hides the physical characteristics of computing resources from their users, applications, or end-users.
  • This includes making a single physical resource (such as a server, an operating system, an application, or a storage device) appear to function as multiple virtual resources.
  • It can also include making multiple physical resources (such as storage devices or servers) appear as a single virtual resource.
  • In computing, virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, like computer hardware platforms, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources
  • Creation of a virtual machine over the existing operating system and hardware.
  • Host machine: The machine on which the virtual machine is created.
  • Guest machine: virtual machines are referred to as a guest machines.
  • Hypervisor: Hypervisor is a firmware or low-level program that acts as a Virtual Machine Manager.
Virtualization Example
Virtualization Example 

Advantages of Virtualization:

  1. Reduced Costs.
  2. Efficient hardware Utilization.
  3. Virtualization leads to better resource Utilization and increase performance
  4. Testing for software development.
  5. Increase Availability
  6. Save energy
  7. Shifting all your Local Infrastructure to Cloud in a day
  8. Possibility to Divide Services
  9. Running application not supported by the host.

Disadvantages of Virtualization:

  1. Extra Costs.
  2. Software Licensing.